Oikeusvaltioperiaatetta koskevasta ehdollisuudesta annettu asetus

Oikeusvaltioperiaatetta koskevasta ehdollisuudesta annettu asetus, joka auttaa suojaamaan EU:n talousarviota: miten sitä sovelletaan ja miten se turvaa lopullisten tuensaajien oikeudet.

Conflict of interest

How the Commission addresses the risk of conflicts of interest and the rules that govern it.

Protection measures

How the Commission ensures that every euro from the budget is spent in line with the rules and generates added value.

Anti-fraud measures

Find out how the EU protects its financial interests through the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) and the Early Detection and Exclusion System (EDES).

Public Internal Control

Information on the system to improve public sector performance in the EU.

Internal Control Framework

The documents related to the Commission's internal control standards and procedures.