How is the programme designed to deliver results?


To be effective, the Commission has to connect to citizens across all Member States to make them aware of the Commission’s headline ambitions and to give them a way to feed their concerns and ideas into EU policy-making. This is particularly challenging in the post-COVID-19 economic and social context. Thus, communication will focus in the coming years on the recovery plan and NextGenerationEU, namely the green, the digital and the health strands.

To achieve this objective, an ambitious communication effort at Commission’s level is necessary because the communication actions on European topics carried out at national, regional, and local level are not sufficient.


Directorate‑General (DG) Communication, as a corporate communication service, brings Europe closer to its citizens by:

  • LISTEN: providing intelligence to the College, Cabinets and Services
  • ADVISE: ensuring coherence in Communication and domain Leadership
  • ENGAGE: reaching out and engaging with citizens.


DG Communication pursues the following five specific objectives:

  1. College and services use country ‑specific intelligence, Eurobarometer results, media analysis and stakeholders’/citizens’ feedback to inform political decision-making;
  2. College receives strategic advice on communicating the political headline ambitions and on media landscapes in the Member States;
  3. Corporate communication of the Commission’s political headline ambitions is aligned across the Commission’s departments;
  4. Meaningful and tailored messages, focussed on the Commission’s political headline ambitions, are communicated to citizens, media, multipliers and stakeholders;
  5. Citizens engage with the EU through face-to-face events and online interactive platforms, such as the Conference on the Future of Europe, thus stimulating the sharing of EU values and interest in and ownership of EU topics.


  • EUR 932.5 millionTotal financial programming 2021-2027
2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027
129.9 131.0 132.1 133.2 134.4 135.5 136.4

In EUR million.


DG Communication will pursue the above objectives through a variety of actions, including:

  1. Providing executive and corporate communication services to the President, the College, the Spokesperson's Service, European Commission senior management and the external communication domain of the European Commission;
  2. Engaging with national, regional, and local authorities, media and stakeholders, and citizens in general through the European Commission’s Representations in the Member States;
  3. Crafting communication products and services directly addressed to citizens via traditional and new media channels as well as face‑to‑face exchanges.

Delivery mode

Within the Commission, DG Communication is the lead Directorate-General for implementing above described activities (implementation through direct management and grants).

Performance framework: more information

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Where are we in the implementation?

You will find information on the programme implementation in this webpage.

It will be updated when the programme will have started on an annual basis alongside the publication of the draft budget and the discharge.

Next publication (estimation): June 2022.

Predecessor programmes 2014-2020

Communication activities will still be financed by the Commission under its prerogatives. Throughout the 2014‑2020 MFF, DG Communication was under Title 16 of the Commission budget. Under the 2021‑2027 MFF, communication activities are included within Heading 2 “Cohesion and Values” under the policy cluster 7 “Investing in people and values”.

2014-2020 Communication

  • EUR 507.2 millionBudget allocation 2014-2020

Overall execution (2014-2020)

  Total %
Commitments EUR 506.2 million
Payments EUR 468.4 million

This graph includes implementation based on voted budget appropriations and carried-over appropriations.


Key monitoring indicators

  Baseline Progress Target Results Assessment
EU citizens with a positive image of the EU 39%
50% 40% compared to 50% of citizens surveyed Moderate progress
Downloads of multimedia productions (1)  
140 000 124 498 out of 140 000 On track
Satisfaction relating to queries sent to the Europe Direct contact centre (1)  
95% 85% out of 95% On track
Visitors to the Commission very satisfied with their visit (1)  
90% 89% out of 90% On track
Unique visitors to the Europa website (1)  
250 m 232 million compared to a target of 250 million On track
Political and economic reports and analysis produced (1)  
500 715 compared to a target of 500 On track

(1) Average of results for 2014-2020.

% of target achieved by the end of 2020



Concrete examples of achievements

  • 20%overall growth in visits to the Europa domain, including a 70% increase in visitors tor the European Commission site in 2020.
  • 96%users who would recommend the Europe Direct Information Centre in 2020.
  • 7.3 millionreaders / visits to publications and online materials for the general public and for young people in 2020.
  • 138 281items downloaded (audio/video/ photo) in 2020
  • 200press conferences organised by the Spokesperson’s Service in 2020.

Programme Performance Overview

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