Treaty on the Functioning of the EU

This treaty sets out the:

  • general principles governing budget procedures and the principle of sound financial management (Article 310);
  • principle of funding the budget from own resources (Article 311);
  • multiannual financial framework – annual expenditure ceilings for at least 5 years (Article 312);
  • schedule for the financial year (Articles 313-316);
  • procedures for budget implementation and control, and confers the necessary powers (Articles 317-319).

See here articles 310-324 in the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU:

Treaty on European Union

Largely addresses the budget for funding the EU's common foreign and security policy.


Treaty on European Union - articles on joining the EU

Provides the legal basis for any European country to join the EU (Article 49) and the values on which the EU is based (Article 2).