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  • EU economic governance

    The EU's economic governance framework aims to detect, prevent and correct problematic economic trends, such as excessive government deficits or public debt levels.

  • Financial assistance to EU countries

    European financial assistance mechanisms can support EU countries in difficulty, preserving the financial stability of the EU and euro area.

  • EU economic situation

    Economic situation and forecasts for EU countries, public finances in the EU, taxation, country-specific recommendations, macroeconomic dialogue (MED).

  • Structural reforms

    To promote growth and create jobs, the European Commission advocates an economic strategy based on fiscal responsibility, investment and structural reform.

  • EU as a borrower

    The EU currently has 3 loan programmes to provide financial assistance to countries experiencing financial difficulties.

  • International economic issues

    The Commission provides analysis and policy advice on international economic issues relevant to the EU and promotes global international cooperation.

  • Reform support for the financial sector

    The Commission provides technical support to EU Member States across a broad spectrum of reforms in the financial sector.