Monitoring consumer outcomes

Consumer scoreboards provide an overview of how the EU's single market works for consumers. Published since 2008, the scoreboards monitor consumer outcomes and provide evidence to inform policy.

There are 2 types of consumer scoreboards: the markets scoreboard and conditions scoreboard. Published in alternate years, they are based on EU-wide representative surveys.

Markets scoreboard

The markets scoreboard tracks the performance of over 40 markets as experienced by consumers with recent purchasing experience, on the basis of key indicators, including

  • trust in sellers to respect consumer protection rules
  • comparability of offers
  • choice available in the market
  • fulfilment of consumer expectations
  • detriment caused by problems

Other relevant indicators, such as prices and switching, are also analysed. See the findings of the Consumer markets scoreboard here

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For earlier editions, please refer to the bottom of this page. 

Conditions scoreboard

The Consumer conditions scoreboard is based mainly on surveys of consumers' and retailers' attitudes towards cross-border trade and consumer protection.

It monitors national conditions for consumers in three areas

  • knowledge and trust

  • compliance and enforcement

  • complaints and dispute resolution

The conditions scoreboard also examines progress in the integration of the EU retail market and the uptake of e-commerce.

Dissemination database

Detailed data from the Consumer Scoreboards are disseminated through a user-friendly database (extractions can be saved in spreadsheet format).

If you want to access data from the Consumer Markets Scoreboard (Market Monitoring Survey) click here.

If you want to access data from the the Consumer Conditions Scoreboard (Surveys on consumers and retailers attitudes towards cross-border trade and consumer protection) click here.