Proposal for improved regulation


On 25 May 2016 the Commission put forward a proposal for the reform of the consumer protection cooperation (CPC) regulation, on the cooperation between national authorities responsible for the enforcement of consumer protection laws.

The reform addresses the need to better enforce EU consumer law, especially in the fast evolving digital sphere. The proposal for an improved regulation will equip enforcement authorities with the powers they need to work together faster and more efficiently.

Europe-wide enforcement

Authorities will be able to request information from domain registrars and banks to detect the identity of the responsible trader, carry out mystery shopping to check geographical discrimination or after-sales conditions, and to order the immediate take-down of websites hosting scams. 

The Commission will be able to launch and coordinate Europe-wide enforcement actions. A one-stop-shop approach to consumer law will allow enforcement authorities to notify the businesses concerned, asking them to change their practices and, if necessary, to compensate the affected consumers.

Finally, the list of laws to which this modernised framework applies will be updated to include also the transport and retail financial services sectors.


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