Translate online

MT@EC is an online machine translation service provided by the European Commission (EC).

If you work in public administration in an EU country, Iceland or Norway, or in an EU institution or agency, you can use our product free of charge at least until the end of 2020. Apart from individual users, the MT service is also available to EC information systems and online services through an API.

After 2020, the conditions of use will become part of the sustainability plan for the new EU Automated Translation platform (eTranslation), which is funded through the Connecting Europe Facility programme. Indeed MT@EC is currently expanding into eTranslation, under the Commission’s Digital Single Market policy. eTranslation is officially launching on 15 November 2017.

Product features

  • high security - all data processed by the system stay within the Commission's firewalls and can't be seen by outsiders
  • translates from and into any official EU language
  • works best with texts on EU-related matters
  • free of charge

Raw quality

Our machine translation service produces raw automatic translations. Use it to grasp the gist of a text or as the starting point for a human-quality translation. If you need a perfectly accurate, high-quality translation, the text still needs to be revised by a skilled professional translator.


  • accepts the following formats: doc(x), xls(x), ppt(x), odt, rtf, txt, html, tmx, xliff, pdf, xml
  • detects the language of text longer than 50 characters
  • can translate several documents into several languages in one go


  • keeps the format of your original document (except for pdf, which returns as docx)
  • indicates the expected quality of the translation for different language pairs
  • offers 552 language pairs, covering all 24 official EU languages and Norwegian (Bokmål)


  • emails translations to you, or stores them in your personal workspace for 24 hours

How to register

Staff working for a public administration in an EU country, Iceland or Norway have to:

  1. sign up for a personal EU Login account and password with your professional email address
  2. email to let us know
  • that you have an EU Login account
  • what your job involves (your position)
  • which public administrative body you work for (your employer)
  • your full e-mail signature with your contact details

We'll create your MT@EC account and notify you that you can start using the service. Individual accesses will be automatically deactivated after 12 months if not used.

From October 2016 onwards, public administrations in an EU country, Iceland or Norway can request to have MT@EC opened under their internet domain (e.g. It allows officials with an email address of the domain to access the service. To enable this, email with an official request from the administration's management. 

Staff working for EU institutions or agencies can use MT@EC with their EU Login (formerly ECAS) credentials.

Access for teaching staff is limited to the European Master's in Translation (EMT) network.

How to use it

If you work for a public administration within the sTESTA network or a EU institution or agency:

Request for machine translation(via the non-public sTESTA network - most secure)

If you work for a public administration not within the sTESTA network:

Request for machine translation (via internet - https)

After logging in, select the type of translation you prefer:

  • Translate documents - upload one or more documents (in one go, if you prefer)
  • Translate text - type or copy and paste your snippet of text