The call for applications to join the European Master's in Translation network 2019 - 2024 is now closed.  
Eligible applications will be evaluated by academic experts assisted by representatives of the language industry who are members of the LIND Board. The academic experts were selected by the DGT from a list drawn up following an open call for assessors. 
The Director-General of DGT will decide on EMT membership based on the results of the academic assessment. The selection decision is final and non-appealable. 
Both successful and unsuccessful applicants will be informed of the outcome by a letter containing consolidated feedback from the assessors. The new list of EMT network members will be published on the EMT webpage in June 2019. 
EMT membership will take effect on the day of publication of the selection decision, lasting five years. A mid-term review will be organised to monitor memberships. The EMT Board will deal with potential cases of doubt about continued membership.


Universities can apply if the programme has, at least, two cohorts of graduates of an officially recognised Master degree in translation and is authorised by:

Selection criteria

Programmes have to meet a number of criteria relevant for quality translator training according to the EMT standards:

  • structure of the programme — objectives, credits and expected learning outcomes of the courses given
  • coverage of the key competences according to the new EMT Competence Framework
  • sustainability — staffing policy and number of graduates over the past years
  • career support and monitoring — including career guidance for students, internships, tracking of careers after graduation and employment statistics

Additional assets

  • cooperation with higher education institutions at an international level or participation in national networks
  • effective quality assurance system
  • research activities


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