What is the Transitions Performance Index (TPI)?

The TPI is a scoreboard that monitors and ranks countries based on their 4 transitions to fair and prosperous sustainability.

The transition is measured on 4 dimensions

  • economic (education, wealth, labour productivity and research and development intensity, industrial base)
  • social (health life, work and inclusion, free or non-remunerated time, equality)
  • environmental (greenhouse gas emissions reduction, biodiversity, resource productivity, energy productivity)
  • governance (fundamental rights, security, transparency, sound public finances)

These measurements are the basis for a new model of prosperity for Europe and the world. A model which focuses on resilience, inclusiveness and sustainability and which supports the EU’s 2021 Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy.

All EU countries and 45 other countries are included in the TPI.

What it measures

The index consists of 25 internationally comparable indicators and helps people see how their country is progressing towards the 6 priorities of the Commission

It illustrates how each country performs on each of the 4 dimensions, provides an overall performance per country, indicates strengths and weaknesses, room for progress, and possible trade-offs.

The TPI is also a tool to give more visibility and traction to the annual Eurostat Sustainable Development Goals monitoring report by ranking and comparing with the EU average and countries outside the EU and is accompanied by 72 country specific descriptions of progress made over a period of ten years

It is also unique by its exceptional global dimension, covering 91% of the world GDP, and by the 10 years of back casting from 2010 to 2019.

Key findings

  • EU countries have all progressed well over the last decade in their transitions performance, with an average improvement rate of 6.5%, compared to the global average rate of 5.4%
  • the EU is a strong global performer across the dimensions, featuring heavily in the top 5 rankings of each
  • but no EU country leads across all 4 dimensions so there is significant scope for improvement
  • countries with overall good TPI scores lag behind in certain areas, illustrating the specific characteristics of each of the 4 dimensions of the index
  • democracy, sustainability and prosperity go hand in hand as countries among the TPI transition leaders are also strong performers in social and governance transitions

The findings highlight the crucial role investment in research and innovation has to support the path to recovery towards a prosperous sustainability.

TPI interactive map

In the world map below you can

  • see at a glance how your country ranks and scores on overall transition performance and in each of the 4 dimensions: economic, environmental, social and governance progress
  • see the transition performance ranking of 72 countries compared to 10 years ago and compare with EU and global scores
  • click on the countries on the map to see the score, ranking and download country-specific profiles
  • see the ranking and score of the 4 indicators that make up each transition dimension

The future of the TPI

The TPI already constitutes a simple and transparent tool, sufficiently robust on the conceptual and statistical level to be the compass we urgently need. It is also an invitation to European citizens to participate in the process of defining Europe’s transformation and so contributing to increasing our collective well-being in Europe.

The TPI, like any composite indicator, will benefit from improvements over the years. As data becomes available the regional level could also be addressed.

A session of the Research and Innovation days on 24 September 2020 dedicated to the TPI welcomed its use in the European Semester to help monitor progress towards sustainability and insisted on the importance of diffusion and regular exchanges with civil society.

Watch the video of the session.

The Commission's Join Research Centre performed a full audit of the TPI, which acknowledged the important efforts of the developer team to obtain a balanced and transparent result with data sources and methodologies that are accessible and verifiable. The audit report is published as part of the full report below.

The success factor for the TPI will be the extent to which it is used. We urge the public to engage in the debate at European, national and local level and use the TPI.

The next edition of the TPI is expected to be published in February 2022.