What is the SRIP report?

This report analyses Europe's performance in science, research and innovation and the driving factors behind that performance in a global context. 

It combines thorough indicator-based macroeconomic analysis with deep analytical research on important policy topics.

This is a flagship publication for the Commission's research and innovation department. New editions will come out every 2 years.

2018 report overview and findings

Webcast 20 February, Research and Innovation Performance in the EU - SRIP Report

The 2018 edition shows that Europe has a unique opportunity to lead the next wave of breakthrough innovation in areas where digital technology meets the physical world.

These areas touch all sectors of the economy and society and include among others

  • digital manufacturing
  • genomics
  • artificial intelligence
  • the internet of things          


  • economic prosperity and the social model in the EU rely on innovation 
  • the EU is a global leader in scientific excellence and needs to turn this leadership into more impactful innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Europe must ensure that the whole society contributes to and benefits from innovation
  • changing dynamics in innovation means Europe must renew its policies by adopting a mission-oriented approach and better support the scale-up of breakthrough innovations that create new markets