What kind of publications are included

This collection encompasses the evidence-based analytical papers of the Commission's research and innovation department, including in collaboration with other Commission departments.

Publications fall into 3 categories

  • working papers - analytical reports to underpin research and innovation policymaking by the Commission
  • policy briefs - short notes to inform discussions on research and innovation policy and stimulate debate
  • quarterly research and innovation literature reviews -  brief summaries of recent publications on economics and research and innovation policy.

Working papers

ReportAugust 2020Research and Innovation

Framing R&I for transformative change towards sustainable development in the European Union

WP 2020/11 - This study discusses how R&I policy in the post-COVID scenario can leverage transformative change towards sustainable development.
ReportAugust 2020Research and Innovation

Macroeconomic Models for Research and Innovation Policy: The Present and the Future

WP 2020/10 - Overview of the modelling platforms used by the European Commission for the impact assessment of R&D and innovation policies.
ReportAugust 2020Research and Innovation

Regulations and technology diffusion in Europe: the role of Industry dynamics

WP 2020/09 - The paper analyses the relationship between the regulatory frameworks in the labour, goods and capital markets and innovation diffusion.
ReportAugust 2020Research and Innovation

Mapping 21st century Science/Technology linkages: has science become more important in recent technological development?

WP 2020/08 - This empirical study is addressing question: is science becoming increasingly important in recent developments of emerging technologies?
ReportAugust 2020Research and Innovation

Digitalisation and Its Impact on Innovation

WP 2020/07 - The study reveals the complex links between innovation and market concentration, and promotιng innovation in modern digital markets
ReportJuly 2020Research and Innovation

Aiming for more: research and development investment scenarios for the next decade

WP 2020/06 – Scenarios for EU research and development expenditures over the next decade and quantification of the investment gap
ReportJuly 2020Research and Innovation

Can research and innovation save the day? A fair green and digital recovery from COVID19

WP 2020/05 - Research and innovation are critical in dealing with the pandemic, its economic consequences and the aftermath of the crisis
ReportMay 2020Research and Innovation

The consequences of AI-based technologies for jobs

WP 2020/04 - Discussing the core argument used in the public debate on the impact of IT on the ways businesses and organisations operate
ReportMay 2020Research and Innovation

The research and innovation divide in the EU and its economic consequences

WP 2020/03 - Analysing the economic consequences of the research and innovation divide across EU regions and highlights the related policy challenges
ReportMay 2020Research and Innovation

Transformative innovation and socio-technical transitions to address grand challenges

WP 2020/02 - Presenting the role of transformative innovation as a new paradigm to approach many of the most pressing society challenges that we face
ReportMay 2020Research and Innovation

Workforce skills and innovation diffusion: trends and policy implications

WP 2020/01 - The rise of automation and digital technologies is already affecting labour markets, with high rates of job polarisation

Policy briefs

BrochureJuly 2020Research and Innovation

Delivering on Europe’s recovery through research and innovation

This paper presents the contribution of research and innovation to the recovery.
ReportMay 2020Research and Innovation

The role of research and innovation in support of Europe’s recovery from the Covid-19 crisis

Research and innovation have an active role to play in channelling public and private investment and aligning funding and investment streams
ReportMay 2020Research and Innovation

Inclusiveness and research and innovation

The aftermath of the last economic crisis has revealed that Europe needs to continue tackling its economic challenges.
ReportMay 2020Research and Innovation

Investing in and for the sustainable development goals

Key enablers to accelerate the transition towards an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable Europe

Literature review

ReportOctober 2020Research and Innovation

Quarterly research and innovation literature review: Investing in R&I for the recovery

Issue 2020/Q3 - The role, dynamics and policies of R&I investments in times of crisis and recovery, as drivers of prosperity, sustainability and wellbeing
ReportJuly 2020Research and Innovation

Quarterly research and innovation literature review: Early insights into COVID-19

Issue 2020/Q2 - This issue looks at the role of research and iinovation in the context of the COVID-19 crisis
ReportApril 2020Research and Innovation

Quarterly research and innovation literature review: Research and innovation for new EU priorities

Issue 2020/Q1 - This issue provides several insights on sustainability.