Aims of the study and who is involved

This study aims to identify potentially important, disruptive innovations over the coming 15 to 20 years.

The study uses an identification model called the Radical Innovation Breakthrough Inquirer.

This model combines foresight on future value-creating structures in the world economy, with a scan of cutting edge developments in science and technology worldwide.

Final Report

A combination of literature review, horizon scanning and expert judgments led to the identification of 100 potentially impactful innovations.

Awareness of these innovations can help policy-makers at EU level and in EU countries. There are 100 hyperlinks at the beginning of the report which allow you to navigate it easily.

A Mendeleev-style poster presents the 100 potential radical innovations for the future. It gives you an overview of the study results and direct access to the corresponding description in the report.

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Workshop on future value creating structures in the world economy

This workshop took place on 19 March 2018 involving experts and policy-makers discussed the feasibility and relevance of global value networks as part of this study.


Workshop report