What is Projects for Policy? (P4P)

This is an initiative which aims to use research and innovation project results to shape policy making.

Research and innovation projects funded by EU Framework Programmes deliver invaluable results.

These results are used for economic and social activities, as a basis for further research, or to develop new and better products and services.

But project results can also

  • provide evidence for policy development and design
  • highlight gaps or barriers in current policy frameworks or approaches
  • help develop new opportunities and innovative activities for any area of policy-making across Europe and the world

As such, they are an excellent tool for policy makers. 

The European Commission's role in identifying policy areas

The European Commission is committed to evidence-based policy making and exploiting valuable research and innovation results to their full potential.

Therefore, the Commission identifies policy areas which deserve particular attention and analyses the related knowledge which comes from research and innovation programmes.

The final aim is to come up with solid and inspiring policy recommendations in these areas.

The Research and Innovation Projects for Policy (P4P) report series  collects these recommendations to reach out to partners and stakeholders and contribute to a highly impactful policy making process.

This report series will be updated regularly.

P4P reports – policy recommendations

Forest fires infographic

Forest Fires

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Aviation Safety

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Sustainable Industries Infographic

Pathways to sustainable industries

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4th Industrial revolution infographic

The 4th Industrial Revolution

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Batteries infographic


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Blue Growth infographic

Blue Economy

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Rare diseases infographic

Rare Diseases

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