About the advisors


  • independent scientific advice to the European Commission to inform policy making
  • recommendations to improve the interaction between policy-making and scientific advice


There are 7 Chief Scientific Advisors, appointed in their personal capacity and who act independently and in the public interest.

The advisors’ declared interests can be consulted on the register of Commission expert groups.
An independent identification committee assists the Commission in selecting the advisors.

How they work

Infographic: How the Scientific Advice Mechanism works

The advisors work closely with the Scientific Advice for Policy by European Academies (SAPEA) consortium, which gathers expertise in engineering, humanities, medicine, natural and social sciences from over 100 academies and societies across Europe.

Together with a secretariat in the Commission’s research and innovation department, the advisors and SAPEA are collectively known as the Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM).

Scientific advice

In development


Adaptation to climate change-related health effects

Biodegradability of plastics in the open environment

A systemic approach to the energy transition in Europe

Towards a sustainable food system

Transforming the future of ageing

Scientific advice to European Policy in a complex world

Environmental and health risks of microplastic pollution

Authorisation processes of plant protection products

Novel carbon capture and utilisation technologies

Food from the oceans

New techniques in agricultural biotechnology


Light duty vehicle real-drive CO2 emissions


Plenary meetings

The group meets in plenary several times a year.

Meeting reports, minutes and related documents



Background documents

Official documentOctober 2015

Commission decision on the setting up of the High Level Group of Scientific Advisors

Reference documents establishing the Group of Chief Scientific Advisors

Report on the work of Group of Chief Scientific Advisors 2015-2019

Guidelines – how SAM produces scientific advice

Rules of procedure of the High Level Group of Scientific Advisors