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Although the availability of food is not a major concern in Europe, ensuring a sustainable, safe, affordable and nutritious supply of food is a challenge.

Advice on how to deliver an inclusive, fair and timely transition towards a sustainable food system in Europe, delivering health, environmental and socioeconomic benefits was published in March 2020, and will inform the Commission’s forthcoming Farm to Fork strategy for Sustainable Food.

Summary - Sustainable food system (May 2020)

Letter to Commissioner Gabriel by the Chair of the Group of Chief Scientific Advisors – Rolf Heuer - Sustainable food system (March 2020)

Scientific opinion - Sustainable food system (March 2020) informed by SAPEA Evidence Review Report (March 2020)

Updated scoping paper - Sustainable food system (September 2019) the initial scoping paper (January 2019)

Scoping review report - Sustainable food system (February 2019)


In order to ensure the independence of experts consulted by the Advisors, their declarations of interests (DOI_Benton, DOI_Oosterveer, DOI_El_Bilali) were assessed by the European Commission. For declarations of interests of experts consulted by SAPEA, please refer to the SAPEA website. The declarations of interests are available for consultation until 6 months after the publication of the scientific opinion and evidence review report.

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