The aims of the Innovation Union

The Innovation Union was a past research and innovation policy. The plan contained over 30 action points and aimed to do 3 things

  • make Europe into a world-class science performer
  • remove obstacles to innovation like expensive patenting, market fragmentation, slow standard-setting and skills shortages 
  • revolutionise the way public and private sectors work together, notably through Innovation Partnerships between the European institutions, national and regional authorities and business.

State of the Innovation Union at its conclusion

These communications summarise progress at national and European levels towards achieving an Innovation Union and conclude by outlining areas where action is still needed.

Progress reportJanuary 2016Research and Innovation

State of the innovation union 2015

Reporting the progress and the results achieved in delivering the Innovation Union
Progress reportDecember 2015Research and Innovation

Research and innovation performance in the EU

Innovation Union progress at country level, 2014

CommunicationMarch 2013Research and Innovation

State of the innovation union 2012

Accelerating change : communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the EESC and the Committee of the Regions

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Subsequent research and innovation policy

Open innovation, open science and open to the world are the 3 current main policy goals for EU research and innovation which have succeeded the Innovation Union policy. They were set by Commissioner Carlos Moedas in 2015.

Past research and innovation policy goals