What is the RIS

The regional innovation scoreboard (RIS) is a regional extension of the European innovation scoreboard (EIS), assessing the innovation performance of European regions on a limited number of indicators. The RIS 2021 provides a comparative assessment of the performance of innovation systems across 240 regions of 22 EU countries, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Luxembourg and Malta are included at the country level. 

Regional innovation scoreboard 2021

The RIS 2021 follows the revised methodology of the EIS 2021 and uses data for 240 regions across Europe for 21 of the 32 indicators used in the EIS 2021. The new RIS has four new indicators compared to the previous edition, namely

  • individuals who have above basic overall digital skills
  • innovation expenditures per person employed
  • employed ICT specialists
  • air emissions in industry

This new edition of the scoreboard shows that innovation performance has increased for 225 regions out of the total of 240 regions over the period since 2014. The most innovative regions are typically in the most innovative countries. The overall most innovative region in Europe is Stockholm in Sweden, followed by Helsinki-Uusimaa in Finland, and Oberbayern in Germany.

Regional innovation scoreboard interactive tool

The European innovation scoreboard interactive tool allows for custom comparisons of performance scores. Visualise regional profiles, compare relative strengths, weaknesses and trends, and test correlations between indicators.

RIS interactive tool

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