Integrating social sciences and humanities across Horizon 2020

The Horizon 2020 programme was designed with integrating social sciences and humanities (SSH) to each of its priorities. This means that SSH are an essential element of the activities needed to tackle each of the societal challenges to enhance their impact.

SSH encompass a wide range of disciplines such as sociology and economics, psychology and political science, history and cultural sciences, law and ethics. Contributions from these research fields are needed to generate new knowledge, support evidence-based policymaking, develop key competences and produce interdisciplinary solutions to both societal and technological issues.

SSH give EU citizens a unique opportunity to understand their past, current and future environment, and to propose answers to complex and challenging questions. 

Communication of SSH research results is crucial for ensuring impact on policy-making as well as for informing the broader public. Communication helps ensuring that SSH research not only has an academic outreach but reaches a wider audience and is communicated in ways that match the variety of audiences, needs and contexts. Translating research findings into clear recommendations to policy makers is thus an important part of EU funded social sciences and humanities projects.

Project policy briefs

SSH research projects publish policy briefs while they are active. Briefs related to culture and citizenship are listed below. 

Evaluating the impact and outcomes of EU SSH research

December 2015