What is Industry 5.0?

Industry 5.0 is characterised by going beyond producing goods and services for profit. It shifts the focus from the shareholder value to stakeholder value and reinforces the role and the contribution of industry to society.

It places the wellbeing of the worker at the centre of the production process and uses new technologies to provide prosperity beyond jobs and growth while respecting the production limits of the planet.

It complements the existing "Industry 4.0" approach by specifically putting research and innovation at the service of the transition to a sustainable, human-centric and resilient European industry.

Why Industry 5.0?

Industry 5.0 brings benefits for industry, for workers and for society.

But making Industry 5.0 a reality is not just a nice thing to do. Industries must adapt, evolve and embrace the green and digital transitions to continue to be competitive and remain engines of prosperity.

Industries must play an active role in providing solutions to challenges in society including the preservation of resources, climate change and social stability. 

Revising existing value chains and energy consumption practices can also make industries more resilient against external shocks, such as Covid-19 crisis.

How to make it happen?

The Industry 5.0 approach contributes to 3 of the Commission’s priorities: "An economy that works for people", "European Green Deal" and "Europe fit for the digital age".

Elements pertinent to Industry 5.0 are already part of major Commission policy initiatives

  • adopting a human-centric approach for digital technologies including artificial intelligence (AI White Paper)
  • up-skilling and re-skilling European workers, particularly digital skills (Skills Agenda and Digital Education Action plan)
  • modern, resource-efficient and sustainable industries and transition to a circular economy (Green Deal)
  • a globally competitive and world-leading industry, speeding up investment in research and innovation (Industrial Strategy)

These are just some examples that demonstrate the strong links between the industrial transition and other societal developments.

Experts from research and technology organisations as well as funding agencies discussed the concept of Industry 5.0 during 2 virtual workshops on 2 and 9 July 2020.


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Industry 5.0

Towards a sustainable, human-centric and resilient European industry
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