EU research and innovation on HIV/AIDS

Since the early years of the AIDS epidemic, the EU has considered the fight against HIV/AIDS a priority and it has significantly invested in HIV/AIDS research.

Thanks to effective treatments, HIV infection is no longer a death sentence. Nevertheless, a number of scientific challenges remain before we can call for an AIDS-free world. The lack of an effective vaccine or cure, the threat of drug resistance, long-term management of patients, and complications due to co-infections and co-morbidities are among these challenges which require innovative solutions and long-term commitments.

With its investment in research and innovation for HIV/AIDS, the European Commission is increasing the chance that the research community will provide solutions to the challenges while fully exploiting the European Scientific excellence and enhancing European competitiveness.

HIV/AIDS research under Horizon 2020

So far about € 220 million was committed; a large part of the funds come from Societal Challenge 1: Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing.

This includes € 45 million to two large platforms for the development of preventive or therapeutic vaccines candidates, a €10 million loan from the InnovFin ID instrument to develop a high-throughput HIV viral load test, and €110 million of Commission contribution to EDCTP2 grants.


Research to fight AIDS

EDCTP’s strategy for funding research on HIV

Funding opportunities

  • Horizon 2020

    Funding for health under the research and innovation framework programme, Horizon 2020. 

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