What are pilot applications?

The concrete work of EuroGEOSS will involve developing and scaling-up pilot applications in Europe. These will answer specific user-needs in relation to Earth observation. 

These applications can cover many policy areas e.g. agriculture, renewable energy or protected areas.

It is expected that at first, they will be developed from promising Earth observation projects that have already received EU funding.

In the long run, EuroGEOSS pilot applications will also build on national Earth observation projects run by the European GEO countries.

Features of future EuroGEOSS pilot applications

  • scale-up and/or combine and strengthen existing applications by adding other sources of data
  • showcase promising applications and bring them from the research stage to the operational and/or commercial stage
  • provide access to Copernicus data, products and services
  • contribute to global Earth observation efforts
  • encourage contribution from the commercial sector
  • use additional GEOSS resources or relevant activities from the GEO work programme

Criteria for selection

The criteria for selection will be decided soon as EuroGEOSS is a new initiative as of October 2017. The details will be updated here. Selected pilot applications will also be detailed on this page.

Request for Expressions of Intent

From 16 April till 30 June 2018, public or private organizations involved in developing innovative applications based on Earth Observations (EO) and located in European GEO member countries are invited to come forward with voluntary Expressions of Intents for networking along the value chain. The EuroGEOSS Request 2018 for Expressions of Intent is a mechanism aiming to accelerate user uptake of GEOSS and Copernicus data and to bring synergies between on-going or upcoming EO developments with high market potential.

Details on the EuroGEOSS Request 2018 and the FAQ can be accessed in the documents below.

The online form to submit your Expression of Intent can be accessed via this survey


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