What is the SOFT Innovation Prize?

Fusion powers the sun and all the stars of the universe. Harnessing fusion power on earth would provide sustainable energy on an almost limitless scale, to supply the needs of a growing world population. Fusion energy is safe, has no difficult waste issues and is climate friendly.

The prize rewards outstanding researchers or industries who try to find new solutions, possibly with wider applications, to the huge challenges of fusion.

The name SOFT stands for Symposium on Fusion Technology - the conference where the prize is awarded.

Why is there a prize?

The contest aims to stimulate the research community to strengthen innovation and foster an entrepreneurial culture in fusion research.

The prize also highlights excellence in fusion research and innovation, as well as the quality of the researchers and industries involved.

Fusion researchers are constantly challenging the scientific state-of-the-art and creating the conditions for innovation. Much of this innovation can be exploited in other science and industrial sectors, for the benefit of society.

Award criteria

There are no specific categories for this prize. Participants are free to submit an application concerning any physics or technology innovation that has been developed in magnetic confinement fusion research and that has market potential or has been taken up (or recognised) by industry to be further developed for the market.

Entries will be assessed on

  • originality and replicability
  • technical excellence
  • economic impact, exploitation and plans for further development

How proposals are judged

Proposals are studied by an independent jury composed of experts in technology transfer, from business and academia.

Prize value

  • 1st place: €50,000
  • 2nd place: €30,000
  • 3rd place: €20,000

Who can apply

Researchers, research teams or industry players can apply.

How to apply

You must submit your proposal via the EU Funding and Tender opportunities portal.

Please read carefully the Rules of Contest.


For more information email RTD-FUSION@ec.europa.eu



  • 15 September 2021

    Opening of the contest

  • 18 January 2022

    Deadline for submission of application (17:00 CET)

  • September 2022

    Prize is awarded at 32nd Symposium on Fusion Technology (SOFT 2020)