The European Commission informs that the next edition of the Horizon Impact Award will be launched in 2022. There will not be an edition in 2021.

Horizon Impact Award 2020

The winners were announced at the European Research and Innovation Days. An independent jury selected the winning projects from 10 finalists. Each of the winners will receive €10 000:

  • OCEAN SENTINEL (France) targets illegal fishing and creates environmental and a policy impact by preserving the most threatened marine species including albatrosses, sharks, sea turtles, thus protecting the marine ecosystem
  • TRANSKRIBUS (Austria) uses (AI) to access and analyse historical documents and archives, as a result contributes to the preservation of European heritage. The technology is free and accessible to everyone
  • INVISIBLE (Portugal) has developed the first transparent display. This fundamental research lead to other innovative developments in other multi-billion-dollar industries such as ink-jet printing and smart medical diagnostics
  • CARING (France) produced an ‘eco-software’ to reduce the carbon footprint of aeroplanes by reducing their fuel consumption. Their innovative technology analyses millions of flights every year and identifies best practices to save fuel
  • MACH (Germany) conceived a light and easy-to-carry device providing mobility and independence to children with end-stage heart failure pending heart transplant operations. The machine is already on the European market and benefitting little patients in Germany.

In addition one of the winners of the 2019 edition also received their prize.

  • FRESH-DEMO (The Netherlands) created and deployed energy-efficient humidification system that prolongs freshness of products in supermarket and reduces the use of plastic packaging. Their innovative and sustainable approach is a clever solution to the worldwide food losses and extensive usage of plastic packaging in the food supply chain.

News Alert: Commission announces the winners of Horizon Impact Award 2020

What is the Horizon Impact Award?

This award is the European Commission's initiative to recognise and celebrate outstanding projects that have used their results to provide value for society.

These projects must have been funded by FP7 and/or Horizon 2020 funding programmes and they must be closed by the time of application.

The 2019 edition

The Commission announced the winners on 26 September 2019. The winning projects have come up with a new drug for a rare disease, helped prevent child abuse, increased security of browsing the web and protected coastal areas against the effects of climate change.

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Why is there an award?

The award aims to show the wider socio-economic benefits of EU investment in research and innovation.

The award enables individuals or teams to showcase their best practices and achievements. This will encourage other beneficiaries to use and manage their results in the best way possible.

It aims to create role models and inspire beneficiaries of research and innovation funding to maximise the impact of their research.

They can do this by directly exploiting results or by playing an active role ensuring stakeholders effectively use the results.

Award value

5 awards of €10,000 each

The winners will be invited to European Research and Innovation Days hosted in Brussels, which will include a selected audience of high-level representatives and promoters of innovation in industry and the public sector.

The Horizon Impact Award will provide the winners with high visibility in the form of public interest and increased media coverage.

The Commission will further promote the winners by inviting them to provide testimony at other major events.

Who can apply?

The contest is open to all legal entities, individuals or teams, that have completed an FP7 and/or Horizon 2020 project.

The applicants will be required to submit a letter of support from at least one user or user community, stating the importance of the research and how using it created concrete benefits for the specific user-community. This user should not be an academic organisation.

Award criteria

The applications must address the following cumulative criteria:

  • From results to societal benefits - proven link between funded project results to their uptake and creation of societal benefits.
    Applicants must demonstrate that they have directly exploited their research and innovation results or have played an active role in the uptake of the results by third parties.
    The direct and indirect exploitation of results can take many forms among which are influencing policy change, commercialising a service or product, creating a start-up/spin-off, creating a new standard and more.
    The results should also benefit or address a well-defined target audience.
  • Impact - potential longer-term impact for society, the economy and/or policymaking
    Applicants must demonstrate how the uptake of their research results has helped solve a societal challenge and generate economic, societal, environmental or policy impact.


Two different panels of experts will evaluate applications

  • internal European Commission experts for the eligibility check and pre-selection
  • external high-level experts for final selection

How to apply

Participants can apply for the contest online via the Funding and Tenders Portal. The full details are explained in the following documents.

Survey on the regional relevance - all prospective applicants are invited to fill out the survey on the regional relevance of the impact described in the application for the Horizon Impact Award 2020. This survey will not be evaluated as part of the application. This is not a compulsory requirement


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