The goal of the RFCS

The Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS) supports research and innovation projects in coal and steel sectors.

Every year around €40 million is made available to universities, research centers and private companies to fund projects.

These projects cover

  • production processes
  • application, utilisation and conversion of resources
  • safety at work
  • environmental protection
  • reducing CO2 emissions from coal use and steel production

How the fund is managed

The fund is managed by the Commission in cooperation with the following committees and advisory groups.

  • The Coal and Steel Committee (COSCO)
    Composed of representatives of EU countries. Its role is to assist the Commission in the overall management of the fund.
  • The Coal and Steel Advisory Groups (CAG/SAG)
    Composed of technical advisers, appointed by the Commission to serve for a period of 42 months. Their role is to advise the Commission.
    CAG members and group details available on Register of Commission Expert Group and other Similar Entities
    SAG members and group details available on Register of Commission Expert Group and other Similar Entities
  • Technical Groups (TG)
    Composed of technical experts, appointed by the Commission. They support the Commission with monitoring of research/pilot or demonstration projects.
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How to participate

The call of proposals for 2019 opened on 18 June 2019. The cut-off date is 17 September 2019, 17.00 Brussels time.

The rules for participation 2019 are laid out in the Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS) information package 2019.

The electronic submission system, proposal templates and all other relevant documents can be accessed via the Research Fund for Coal and Steel portal.

The RFCS is looking for highly qualified independent experts to act as evaluators during the next evaluation exercise.

To enroll as an expert for the RFCS, please register in the database of experts.

Call for Proposals

European Parliament Pilot Project (EP-PP-CLEAN-STEEL-2019)

On 25 April 2019, the European Commission adopted a financing decision to implement the European Parliament Pilot Project ‘Research on reduction of CO2 emissions in steel production’ (Commission Decision C(2019)3019). The Pilot Project aims at exploring the feasibility of implementing breakthrough technology options, deployment paths and investment strategies for clean steelmaking in Europe with almost zero CO2 emissions. It has the specific challenge to identify and accelerate the deployment of breakthrough technology routes for almost zero CO2 steel production commercial demonstration by 2030 in Europe.

Call for proposals EP-PP-CLEAN-STEEL-2019 (Dealine 9 July 2019)


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