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Under the Pillar 2 of Horizon Europe, Cluster 2 'Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Societies' focuses on challenges related to democratic governance, cultural heritage and the creative economy, as well as social and economic transformations.

The Cluster covers priority areas for the Commission, such as a New push for European democracy, Promoting our European way of Life and a Stronger Europe in the world. It also addresses issues relevant to the twin Green and Digital transitions and the post-COVID 19 recovery. Future projects should deliver on the three destinations that will be presented, and which match the Horizon Europe Strategic Plan (2021-2024).

All topics under this Cluster are expected to relate to Social Sciences and Humanities and to include a gender dimension.


All sessions are available to watch

  • 09:00

    Welcome and general presentation of the Cluster 2 2021 Work Programme

  • 09:35

    Destination 1 - Innovative research on Democracy & Governance

  • 10:50

    Destination 2 - Innovative research on the European cultural heritage and the cultural and creative industries

  • 12:05

    Destination 3 - Innovative research on social and economic transformations - Followed by closing



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