The need for food

More people have been forced to leave their countries due to the increased conflict and political instability and move to others thereby creating tensions where resources are already scarce. In addition, hunger, poverty, and an increase in extreme weather consequences linked to climate change are other important factors contributing to the migration challenge. All these challenges call for global action.

What the EU is doing

Food 2030 is about applying a food system approach to research and innovation (R&I) as a means to deliver on the 2030 sustainable development goals via four food and nutrition security priorities

  • nutrition for sustainable and healthy diets
  • climate-smart and environmental sustainable food systems
  • circularity and resource efficiency
  • innovation and empowering communities

It is an EU R&I 'policy framework' to better structure, connect and scale-up EU R&I, in Europe and in a global context

  • by offering opportunities for structural improvements to the European R&I systems convening relevant EU services, EU countries and stakeholders for R&I programme alignment and leveraging of funds
  • by adopting a "whole food chain" approach to R&I to connect land and sea, 'farm-to-fork-to-gut-and back', producer-to-consumer, engaging a wide diversity of actors
  • by boosting "digital" and open innovation and open science, investment, education, skills and capacities
  • R&I offers huge opportunities to modernise and future proof our food systems by making them sustainable, resilient, inclusive, responsible, competitive and healthy
  • the EU has to improve the dissemination of existing results to get evidence-based research and innovation out in the public domain for scale up and transfer to interested users


Watch this 2-minute animated video for a quick  overview of what is meant by the bioeconomy. There are subtitles in all EU languages.

Success stories

Here are examples of succes stories about EU-funded agricultural research projects:

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