The Board expects an increase of its scrutiny activities in 2018:    

  • Review of impact assessments (IAs), fitness checks and major evaluations in line with the 2018 Commission policy agenda
    The Board will devote most of its time to regulatory scrutiny of legislative proposals in the Commission work programme (CWP) of 2018. This will be the last year for the Juncker Commission to submit legislative proposals. Proposals will include components of the Circular Economy Action Plan, the Energy Union strategy, the Single Market strategy, the Space Strategy for Europe, taxation, the Capital Markets Union Action Plan, the European Pillar of Social Rights, the Trade for All Strategy, the data protection package, and the Security Union.

    In addition, the Board will scrutinise initiatives not included in the CWP 2018, following commitments and announcements in earlier Commission documents, genuinely new legislative initiatives, and non-routine delegated/implementing acts. This includes initiatives where the Commission has broad authority to determine the scope and timing of its action. Examples include the delegated and implementing acts related to eco-design and eco-labelling.
  • Review of the MFF programmes
    The Board will review (possibly back-to-back) the evaluations and impact assessments of the programme proposals for the Multiannual Financial Framework. The Board foresees reviewing a large number of MFF dossiers: 9 planned evaluations of pre-2020 MFF programmes and around 25 IAs for the post-2020 MFF programmes. The Board will adapt its working methods to better cope with the tight deadlines and the number of MFF evaluations and impact assessments.
  • Advisory functions to Commission services, with a large number of upstream meetings and an RSB contribution to the Commission’s stock taking of the Better Regulation agenda.

    In the first months of the year, RSB advice to Commission services will consist of upstream meetings with DGs that plan to submit impact assessments and evaluations. The objective is to improve the quality of IAs and evaluations.
    The Board will dedicate a series of upstream meetings to the upcoming post-2020 MFF to provide guidance to the services on how to frame the MFF impact assessments.

    The Board will also have the opportunity to review and make proposals on key topics such as:
    - RSB contribution to the Commission's better regulation agenda
    - Quantification/Simplification/REFIT
    - Quality of evaluations: strengths and challenges
  • Outreach activities
    The RSB will publish its 2017 annual report in early 2018 and hold its annual conference on 15 June 2018. The RSB also intends to intensify its awareness raising activities, in particular about the quality check in informing the decision making process. If the schedule and agenda permit, the RSB may provide a (series of) general document(s), possibly with support from academia or think thanks, to reflect on the developments of regulatory scrutiny since 2015 and alternative paths forward.

Indicative list of impact assessments, fitness checks and evaluations to be reviewed in 2018 - this list is not exhaustive.

Provisional list of post-2020 MFF programmes to be reviewed by RSB in spring 2018

Provisional list of MFF upstream meetings 2018

For more detailed information on the impact assessments and evaluations that the Board reviewed in 2018, please refer to the list of meetings