First published on
01 August 2016 (last update on: 13 May 2022)

Our brochures cater for language professionals and the general public. They cover issues like:

  • how the EU deals with the language consequences of an expanding Union
  • how DG Translation helps the EU Commission communicate in the EU's 24 official languages
  • how we process documents and manage language versions


eBook13 May 2022Translation

Languages take you further. Discover the official EU languages!

Understanding and speaking foreign languages makes our life easier when we travel abroad and meet people from different countries. Languages are fun!
Brochure21 May 2021Translation

Languages take you further

How do you say 'Yes', 'No' or Thank you' in a foreign language? Get familiar with some basic words and phrases in the EU's official languages.
Brochure09 March 2022Translation

Translation in figures

We are the translation service of the European Commission. We provide high-quality translation and other language services.
Poster27 August 2021Translation

European day of languages, 26 September

Discover the posters produced every year by DG Translation to mark the European Day of Languages.
Brochure27 September 2021Publications Office

Languages, our living history

The words we use in our language every day are our living history.
Brochure01 January 2015Translation

How to write clearly

This guide will help you to write clearly, whether you are using your own language or one of the other official languages.
Brochure18 July 2014Translation

Translation and multilingualism

Practical information about the structure, working procedures and work opportunities in the European Commission's in-house translation service.

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