In order to inform its work on the action plan on financing sustainable growth published in March 2018, the Commission established a technical expert group on sustainable finance (TEG) in July 2018. The action plan requests the TEG to publish a report based on a broad consultation of all relevant stakeholders.

The group is now inviting feedback on the first proposed activities that contribute substantially to climate change mitigation and on the usability of this first list of activities. The group has also identified areas where additional technical expertise is needed. The Commission will therefore host several workshops with the purpose of gathering this expertise. Interested experts may register their interest for these workshops. Please find all necessary information below. To provide feedback and to register your interest please use the links below. Only answers provided through these surveys will be taken into account.

For reference you may also find here a full and downloadable version of the documentation.


1st round climate mitigation activities

Technical experts and stakeholders can provide feedback on selected economic activities and the Technical expert group’s proposed criteria for the first sub-set of economic activities expected to make a substantial contribution to climate mitigation. These are called the 1st round climate mitigation activities.

Usability of the taxonomy

Future users of the taxonomy can provide feedback on the usability and fitness for purpose of the taxonomy in practice.

All feedback and input to TEG taxonomy activities through this process should address the requirements and principles set out in the taxonomy approach explained and in particular the requirements for designing taxonomy criteria.

The deadline for providing feedback is 22 February 2019 cob.

Register interest for workshops

Technical experts are invited to register their interest for workshops to provide technical input to the following activities:

  • The development of new criteria for further economic activities that have the potential to make a substantial contribution to climate change mitigation objectives. These are called the 2nd round climate change mitigation activities.
  • The development of new criteria for activities expected to make a substantial contribution to climate change adaptation objectives of the European Union. These are called climate change adaptation activities.
  • The development of new criteria to assess “do no significant harm” across all environmental objectives (climate mitigation, climate adaptation, sustainable use and protection of water and marine resources, transition to a circular economy, waste prevention and recycling, pollution prevention control, and protection of healthy ecosystems)

The registration of interest for workshops is now closed after the deadline was extended to 9 January 2019.


Please note none of the documents should be considered as official Commission position, and that nothing in this process commits the Commission nor precludes any policy outcomes.


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