First published on
October 2021

The report outlines three scenarios on the possible futures of Research and Innovation (R&I) policies in the Western Balkans in 2035. Using a Strategic Foresight approach, the report supports policy-makers in creating an enabling environment for R&I policies to thrive and decide on priorities for strategic investments for the future.

The scenarios in the report are rooted in an extensive co-creation process with more than 700 experts on R&I from the Western Balkans, who represent academia, civil society, the private sector, international organisations as well as central and subnational governments. In order to provide inspiration to implement future-proof policies on R&I, the report moreover entails initial roadmaps. These seek to inspire decision makers by pinpointing goals and their required actions to further develop their R&I systems for the benefits of all citizens in the Western Balkans.


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