Overview 2017

Summary of the reports of the IFRP package and its key messages, and the main features of the EU budget.
Report06 June 2018

Annual Management and Performance Report for the EU budget 2017

Information on the performance and management of the EU budget in 2017 for each heading and programme.
Report27 June 2018

Consolidated annual accounts of the European Union and financial statement 2017

Overview of the EU finances in 2017: financial position, budget implementation, contingent liabilities financial commitments and obligations.
Report17 July 2018

Report on the follow-up to the discharge for the financial year 2016

The Commission's follow-up on the requests made by the European Parliament and the Council during the discharge of the 2016 budget.
Report23 May 2018

Programmes' performance overview 2017

Programme statements for each spending programme from the 2019 draft budget, performance framework and key achievements.

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