First published on
24 June 2020

The financial regulation (Art.247) requires the Commission to communicate to the European Parliament and the Council a set of financial and accountability reports, which constitute essential input for the annual “discharge procedure”, through which the European Parliament and the Council hold the Commission accountable for the way it manages the EU budget.

The Integrated Financial and Accountability Reporting package consists of five reports on the implementation, performance, results, management and protection of the EU budget.



Overview 2019 – Integrated Financial and Accountability Reporting (IFAR)

Summary of the reports of the IFAR package and its key messages, and the main features of the EU budget.
Raport25 June 2020

Annual management and performance report 2019

Every year the Commission produces a synthesis report on the previous year's management achievements.
Factsheet01 July 2020

EU budget 2019: results, management and protection

This factsheet presents main elements of the implementation of the EU budget in 2019.
Raport26 June 2020

Annual accounts 2019

Consolidated annual accounts of the European Union and financial statement for 2019.
Raport07 July 2020

Report on the follow-up to the discharge for the 2018 financial year

The Commission reports on how it proceeded with the requests made by the Parliament and the Council during the discharge procedure.
Raport26 June 2020

Annual report to the Discharge Authority on internal audits carried out in 2019

Synthesis of the recommendations made by the Internal Audit Service and the actions taken on those recommendations.
Raport30 June 2020

Long-term forecast of future inflows and outflows of the EU budget (2021-2025)

Provides the payments and revenue forecast covering the next five years, based on the applicable multiannual financial frameworks.

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