First published on
September 2020

Under the Horizon Europe Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2021-2027) five Missions aim to deliver solutions to major challenges for Europe. They include a Mission on Cancer. Many more people in Europe are living with cancer as the result of an ageing population, unhealthy lifestyles, and unfavourable social, environmental and working conditions. This is generating a huge burden for citizens, cancer patients, survivors and their families, and for health systems and society at large.

To deliver concrete solutions, the Board for the Mission on Cancer is proposing an ambitious goal: “By 2030, more than 3 million lives saved, living longer and better”. The Board’s Mission outline with the input of citizens, patients and Member States’ stakeholders, now presents 13 recommendations for bold actions to understand cancer, its risk factors and impact; to prevent what is preventable; to optimise diagnostics and treatment; and to support the quality of life of people living with and after cancer, while ensuring equitable access for all. The Board will use its Mission outline as the basis to continue engaging with stakeholders and citizens across Europe to define the actions and strategies required to achieve this goal.


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