First published on
22 January 2020

The Commission’s Communication, adopted on 22 January 2020, presents the Commission’s ideas on the Conference on the Future of Europe. As a major pan-European democratic exercise, the Conference will be a new public forum for an open, inclusive, transparent and structured debate with citizens around a number of key priorities and challenges.

It is part of President von der Leyen’s pledge to give Europeans a greater say on what the EU does and how it works for them. It aims to bring Europe beyond its capital cities, reaching every corner of the EU, strengthening the link between Europeans and the institutions that serve them.

From the very beginning, I made clear that people need to be at the very centre of all our policies. My wish is therefore that all Europeans will actively contribute to the Conference on the Future of Europe and play a leading role in setting the European Union’s priorities. It is only together that we can build our Union of tomorrow.

President von der Leyen

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission 


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