First published on
18 September 2013

The Amending Letter No 1 (AL 1) to the Draft Budget for 2014 (DB 2014) covers the following:

  • The frontloading of commitment appropriations for the ‘Framework Programme for Research and Innovation’ (Horizon 2020), ‘Education, Training, Youth and Sport’ (Erasmus), ‘Competitiveness of enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises’ (COSME), over and above the frontloading of the ‘Youth Employment Initiative’ (YEI) already proposed in the DB 2014, as a result of the political agreement reached at the end of June 2013 on the 2014-2020 mulitiannual financial framework (MFF).
  • The additional assistance to Cyprus under the Structural Funds, for which an amount of EUR 100 million is proposed to be financed from the margin of heading 1b (EUR 21,6 million) and by the mobilisation of the Flexibility Instrument (EUR 78,4 million).
  • The consequences, in terms of human and financial resources, of the proposed new generation of Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs).
  • The creation of budget lines with a ‘p.m.’ in order to allow part of the technical assistance national envelope of the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESI) Funds to be managed by the Commission at the request of Member States under temporary budget difficulties.

The net budgetary impact of these changes is an increase in commitment appropriations of EUR 100 million compared to the Draft Budget 2014. The Amending Letter does not propose any change to payment appropriations.


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