In order to inform its work on the action plan: financing sustainable growth published in March 2018, the European Commission established a Technical Expert Group (TEG) on sustainable finance in July 2018. In action 2 of this action plan the Commission has requested the TEG to prepare a report on an EU green bond standard (EU GBS), building on current best practices. The action plan requests the TEG to publish this report based on a broad consultation of all relevant stakeholders.

The group is now inviting feedback on their preliminary recommendations for an EU GB, and their interim report outlining the status of the work conducted so far. This interim report proposes the content of an EU GBS, explains its purpose and sets its ambition level. It also explains how the TEG believes the creation of the proposed EU GBS will address the barriers hindering the green bond market’s further development and will support its role in channeling substantial financial flows to green projects.

In addition, the interim report elaborates on possible incentives, based on the EU GBS, to enhance the growth of green bond issuance and the links with other sustainable financing instruments in a wider context.

You are invited to provide feedback that will be carefully taken into account. To do so, please use the link below. Only answers provided through this survey will be taken into account.

The TEG would like to stress that the recommendations outlined in its interim report are published with a view to gathering feedback. The final recommendations from the TEG will be presented in its report to the Commission in June 2019. The Group would also like to underline that the EU GBS is proposed as a voluntary standard building on existing market practices and designed to be compatible with them.

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Issuers, investors, underwriters and verifiers, as well as any other interested stakeholders are invited to provide feedback on the interim report.

Provide your feedback on the proposal here

The deadline for providing feedback is 3 April 2019 cob


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