First published on
10 January 2019 (last update on: 20 February 2019)

On 10 January the TEG published its report on climate-related disclosures. This report corresponds to task 4 of the TEG’s mandate, which is to “Develop climate-related metrics in the context of its work on an EU taxonomy allowing improving disclosure on climate-related information and publish the outcome in a report.”

The European Commission will take this report into consideration when it updates the non-binding guidelines on non-financial disclosure that accompany the non-financial reporting Directive (Directive 2014/95/EU).

Stakeholders were invited to provide with written comments on the TEG report before 1 February. The responses to the call for feedback have been published.

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The TEG processed these comments and provided the Commission services with a summary to be considered in the update of the guidelines.

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On 20 February 2019 the Commission launched a targeted consultation on the update of the non-binding guidelines before their planned adoption in June 2019. Stakeholders are invited to provide written comments by 20 March.


Please note this document should not be considered as official Commission position, and nothing in its content commits the Commission nor precludes any policy outcomes.


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