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  • International trade procedures

    The EU has simplified and harmonised international trade procedures to make it easier for EU business to import and export.

  • Tackling barriers to trade

    The EU is working to prevent trade barriers created by new or changing technical regulations in different countries.

  • Accessing markets

    Accessing markets outside the EU is crucial for jobs and growth within the EU. The EU works to keep markets open, and trade flowing and fair.

  • Easier import and export

    The EU provides clear information on requirements such as rules and tariffs to make it easier to import and export goods and services to and from the EU.

  • Trade agreements

    Within 10-15 years, 90% of world demand for goods and services will be generated outside Europe. Trade agreements can help the EU benefit from this growth.

  • Trade in services outside the EU

    The TiSA agreement between the EU and other WTO countries will improve rules for licensing, financial services and professionals moving abroad.

  • Trade and developing countries

    EU trade policy helps developing countries reap the benefits of trade for inclusive growth and sustainable development.

  • Setting the rules

    Harmonised global rules make it easier for businesses around the world to trade, and they cut costs for consumers and businesses alike.