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  • Single market for goods

    The EU wants to ensure the free movement of goods within its borders, and set high safety standards for consumers and the protection of the environment.

  • Single market for services

    The EU tries to eliminate obstacles to trade, remove red tape and strengthen consumer rights.

  • Capital markets union

    The capital markets union will create a more integrated capital market in the EU, and a more diversified financial system, unlocking capital in Europe.

  • European standards

    European standards affect the competitiveness of industry, innovation, the working of the single market, and environmental protection and human health.

  • Tackling barriers to trade

    The EU is working to prevent trade barriers created by new or changing technical regulations in different countries.

  • European market for space data

    The Copernicus programme provides data on Earth's environment, and emergency and crisis situations, which is then transformed into added-value information.

  • Public procurement

    EU rules make the procedures for awarding public-procurement contracts transparent and open to all EU companies.