Green procurement

Guidance and good practice on buying products, services and works that can help protect the environment, and specific guidance on bio-based products.

Social procurement

Updated guidance and awareness-raising to make socially-responsible purchases.

Innovation procurement

Guidance and good practice on buying innovative products and services.

Professionalisation of public buyers

Help public buyers get the necessary skills, knowledge and competences to carry out efficient procurement.

Support to large infrastructure projects

National authorities can ask questions to the European Commission and receive an assessment of the projects' compatibility with EU procurement rules.

Public procurement and non-EU participation

Guidance providing practical advice to public buyers in EU countries on how to deal with bidders from outside the EU.

eLibrary of good practices

A collection of solutions and approaches for improving public procurement processes.

Procurement of projects funded by EU structural and investment funds

How to avoid the most common errors in public procurement of projects funded by the European structural and investment funds.

Digital procurement

We support the digital transformation of public procurement with initiatives that aim to digitise major steps of the lifecycle of public procurement.

Defence and security procurement

Guidelines to apply EU defence and security procurement rules, enhancing transparency and competition in the European defence & security equipment market.

Public procurement in EU countries

Contact points and portals for procurement information in EU countries.

Sector-specific tools

Specific guidance and support for strategic sectors: IT, health and construction.