Guidance on public procurement of innovation

The European Commission is proposing a guidance document that presents the issues that public buyers should know about to start and develop their procurement of innovation practice.

Guidance on public procurement in innovation

Procurement of innovation platform

The procurement of innovation platform helps public authorities, policy makers, researchers and other stakeholders to exchange information on public procurement of innovation. It includes a procurement forum and a resource centre. It is only available in English.

Procurement of innovation platform

European assistance for innovation procurement

This website offers dedicated assistance for procurement of innovative products and services, with detailed case-studies and recommendations.

European assistance for innovation procurement website

Driving innovation in SMEs

Start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are innovation leaders in many markets. Helping them to access public procurement markets creates opportunities for them to grow.

Guidebook: Procurement as a driver of innovation in SMEs and public services

Pre-commercial procurement

Pre-commercial procurement is a recommended approach for buying R&D services in a way that shares both the risk (cost) and the benefit (results). It enables public authorities to pay less for R&D services while leaving industry with sufficient rights to reuse the successful results in other projects.

Pre-commercial procurement