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  • International gender equality

    International cooperation sets gender equality as one of the priority areas to improve living conditions of women and children around the world.

  • International human rights

    Human rights are defended by political dialogue with countries, aid, development policy and participation in multilateral forums like the United Nations.

  • EU citizenship

    The Commission monitors the implementation and application by EU countries of citizenship rights and identifies and eliminates obstacles that people face.

  • EU Charter of Fundamental Rights

    Brings together all the personal, civic, political, economic and social rights enjoyed by people within the EU in a single text.

  • Civil justice

    EU rules help individuals with cross-border litigation, help businesses to set up anywhere in the EU and prevent money laundering.

  • Criminal justice

    The EU wants to build an area of criminal justice, where fair trial rights for citizens are protected and police, prosecutors and judges work together.

  • Digitalisation of justice

    Digitalisation of justice systems aims to give a new push for European democracy in line with the political priority of a Europe fit for the digital age.

  • Data protection

    Common EU rules have been established to ensure that personal data is protected everywhere in the EU and when transferred outside the EU.

  • International anti-discrimination action

    As part of its development cooperation, the EU supports the action of anti-discrimination movements.

  • Upholding the rule of law

    The rule of law is one of our core values and the EU has developed a number of instruments to promote and uphold it.

  • Combatting discrimination

    Tackling discrimination and racism, actions on Roma integration and LGBTI equality

  • Rights of the child

    All EU policies that have an impact on children must be designed in line with the best interests of the child.

  • Gender equality

    Actions to promote gender equality, equal economic independence for women and men, and equal pay rules.

  • Justice and Consumers Funding

    Browse the latest information on funding opportunites.