2021 Rule of Law Mechanism

  • February - March

    • input from Member States

    • stakeholder consultation

  • March - May

    • country visits

  • July

    • adoption

  • September - November

    • discussion in the Council, the European Parliament and at national level

Targeted stakeholder consultation

Feedback period            

1 February 2021 –  8 March 2021 (midnight Brussels time)

Target audience

Organisations working on rule of law related issues, in particular linked to justice systems, corruption, media pluralism and checks and balances such as a) European networks and associations b) NGOs/civil society organisations c) national associations (e.g. judges associations, journalists federations, etc.) d) other relevant stakeholders

Why we are consulting

In the preparation of the Report, the Commission will rely on a diversity of relevant sources, including input to be received from Member States, country visits, and stakeholders’ contributions. In order to facilitate their appropriate involvement, the Commission is inviting stakeholders to provide written contributions to the Report through this targeted consultation.
The objective is to feed the assessment of the Commission with factual information on developments on the ground in the Member States.

Responding to the questionnaire

You can contribute to this consultation by filling in the online questionnaire. If you are unable to use the online questionnaire, please contact us at rule-of-law-network@ec.europa.eu.
The questionnaire is only available in English. You should preferably submit your response in English.

Access the consultation here.


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