EU action on the rights of the child

What does the EU do to protect children's rights, including legal basis, policies and funding.

European Forum on the rights of the child

An annual event to discuss the rights of the child.

The EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child and the European Child Guarantee

A new comprehensive EU policy framework to ensure the protection of rights of all children, and secure access to basic services for vulnerable children.

Child participation in political and democratic life

EU actions to empower children to be active citizens and members of democratic societies

Socio-economic inclusion, health and education

EU actions to fight poverty, promote inclusive and child-friendly societies, health and education systems

Combating violence against children and ensuring child protection

EU actions that help children grow free from violence

Child-friendly justice

EU actions to support justice systems that uphold the rights and needs of children

Digital and Information Society

EU actions to ensure that children can safely navigate the digital environment and harness its opportunities

The Global dimension

EU actions supporting, protecting and empowering children globally, including during crisis and conflict

EU Network for Children’s Rights

A network to reinforce the dialogue and mutual learning between the EU and Member States on children’s rights.

Useful resources on the rights of the child

Studies, publications, links to useful material on the rights of the child