Risk factors

Most of the time, violence against children happens in families, but some children are at risk as a result of external factors.

Children at risk

Children at risk include

  • neglected children or children without appropriate care 
  • children in detention
  • children of parents in prison or in residential care 
  • children who go missing or who are abducted by a parent
  • child victims of trafficking
  • children suffering from discrimination including Roma children 
  • children with disabilities
  • children in conflict with the law
  • children left behind by parents moving abroad for work
  • EU national children who themselves move alone or without appropriate care within the EU
  • children living in extreme material deprivation

Children in vulnerable situations

The number of child victims of violence in the EU remains high. The causes of this persistent violence are many. Socially or culturally accepted forms of violence against children constitute deeply entrenched barriers in the EU, where to date only 23 EU countries have completely prohibited corporal punishment.

See UN general comment No 8 and check Progress towards prohibiting all corporal punishment in Europe and Central Asia  

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