Children in judicial proceedings

Children can be involved in judicial proceedings, either directly, as a defendant, victim, witness or indirectly when decisions have a considerable impact on their lives. This can be the case in divorce or custody proceedings. However, judicial systems in Europe are not always adapted to the specific needs of children and their vulnerability.

EU action

To encourage judicial systems to adapt to children's needs, the European Commission has:

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Conference on child-friendly justice and integrated child protection systems-lessons learned from EU projects

On 25 and 26 June 2018 the European Commission organised
a conference on child-friendly justice and integrated child protection systems – lessons learned from EU projects. The main goal of the meeting was to showcase examples of good practice to inspire others and to take stock of what has been done since 2011/2012 with EU funds under the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (REC), to explore how EU funds can best support implementation and enforcement of the rights of the child, with a view also to informing future policy and funding priorities.


The United Nations committee on the rights of the child: General Comment No.10 (2007) and No.12 (2009)

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