Mutual Learning Programme in gender equality

The mutual learning programme in gender equality aims to reinforce mutual learning among EU countries. 

The programme focuses on policy measures as well as concrete and existing examples. It addresses both the opportunities and limitations of real life implementation. The programme provides an opportunity for the stimulation of debate and exchange of experience between governmental representatives, independent experts and other relevant stakeholders. The ultimate aim is to facilitate the dissemination of good practice on gender equality in Europe.

Exchange of good practice seminars

The Commission organises around 3 exchange of good practice seminars each year. They focus on the priority areas of the women's charter and of the Strategic Engagement for gender equality (2016-2019).

February 2018, Greece

The Mutual Learning seminar ‘Support services for victims of violence in asylum and migration’ focused on the Greek ‘Protocol of Cooperation’ as a good practice example. The documents related to the seminar are available here.

September 2017, Denmark

The seminar examined ways of tackling sexual harassment with a focus on good practices in addressing digital sexual abuse in Denmark and a national campaign to fight sexual harassment in public transport in France. The documents related to the seminar are available here.

June 2017, Sweden

Sweden hosted a mutual learning seminar on the impact of tax systems on gender equality and presented its policy on full individual taxation, which was first introduced in 1971. The documents related to the seminar are be available here.

October 2016, Belgium

During this seminar, the host country Belgium presented the measures of the 2012 Gender Pay Gap Law and their practical implementation. The documents related to the seminar are available here.

June 2016, Slovenia

Mutual learning seminar on promoting women in political decision-making positions

April 2016, UK

Seminar on practices from the UK and Italy in tackling female genital mutilation, forced marriage and other harmful practices through legislation

October 2015, France

Seminar on good practices to support single parents

September 2015, Denmark

Seminar on gender segregation in the labour market and education

October 2014, Finland

Seminar to discuss the role of men in gender equality

September 2014, UK

Seminar to discuss policy measures aimed at encouraging female entrepreneurship

June 2014, Austria

Seminar on gender impact assessment