High-level group on gender mainstreaming

The high-level group on gender mainstreaming is an informal group comprising representatives responsible for gender mainstreaming at national level. It is chaired by the European Commission and holds regular meetings.

The group supports the trio-presidencies in identifying topics that should be addressed.

The group is also the main forum for planning the strategic follow-up of the Beijing platform for action, including developing indicators. Since 2003 the group has also been helping the European Commission prepare the report on equality between women and men to the European Council.

Advisory committee on equal opportunities for women and men

The Advisory committee on equal opportunities for women and men helps the European Commission prepare and implement activities aimed at promoting equal opportunities for women and men. This platform facilitates ongoing exchanges of relevant experience, policies and practices between EU countries, social partners at EU level and NGOs. 

Opinions of the Advisory Committee on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men (2007-2018)