Gender Equality Strategy

Measures taken to promote the advancement of women and objectives for strategic engagement for gender equality.

Women in the labour market / Work-Life Balance

Women's participation in the labour market, gender pay gap, EU rights to work-life balance, EU action to promote work-life balance

Equal pay

The gender pay gap in the EU, how the EU fights pay discrimination, actions for improving pay equality.

Equality between women and men in decision-making

Women and men in political and economic decision-making, EU action to promote equality in decision-making.

Gender-based violence

Actions to eliminate gender-based violence in the EU, funding and support for awareness campaigns.

Promoting gender equality & women's rights beyond the EU

Sustainable Development Goals, Partners, EU’s external relations, International Cooperation, Gender Equality, Development aid

Who we work with on gender equality

EU organisations and expert groups that work on ending gender discrimination