The European Commission adopted on 24 June 2020 its first-ever EU strategy on victims' rights (2020-2025)

The main objective of this strategy is to ensure that all victims of all crime, no matter where in the EU or in what circumstances the crime took place, can fully rely on their rights. To that end, it outlines actions that will be conducted by the European Commission, Member States and civil society.

This strategy is based on a two-strand approach:

  • empowering victims of crime and
  • working together for victims’ rights.

The strategy presents five key priorities:

  • effective communication with victims and a safe environment for victims to report crime;
  • improving support and protection to the most vulnerable victims;
  • facilitating victims’ access to compensation;
  • strengthening cooperation and coordination among all relevant actors; and
  • strengthening the international dimension of victims’ rights.
Supporting and protecting victims of crime


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